“18-Year Options Trading Veteran BLOWS AWAY the Myths, Misconceptions, Miscommunications… and Outright Lies About This Formerly ‘Forbidden’ Method to Trade Options!”
Easy gains of 107%, 203%, 568%, 951%... even occasional overnight cash windfalls of 2,200% and more are possible with the strategy that most “experts” won’t touch with a 10-foot pole.
But this former market maker and hedge fund manager “cut his teeth” using this strategy… and banked multi-millions of dollars after he discovered how to find certain “windows of opportunity” – totally mispriced options that can make you quick $2,900 on a $100 trade… almost like clockwork. 
And now… for the first time ever… he’s revealed his secret, high-powered strategies to us “average” retail traders.
Read on to see how he “swings for the fences” to score monster option trades… and how you can too…
Dear Options Trader: 

It’s true.

Most so-called “professional” options traders would never even consider trading options this way.

“Trading options using this strategy is the Kiss of Death!” they say.

“It’s a sure way to lose your money!” they exclaim.

“The odds are totally against you… there’s no possible way this strategy can work!” they shout.

“You might as well play the Powerball Lottery! Your chances of making money using this method is about as good!” they grouse.

“Just a crap shoot” they complain.

Bottom line, most trading experts advise amateur (and even most professional) traders to…
Avoid This Option Trading Method Like The Plague!
To them, it’s the surest way to the poorhouse. Just won’t work. An exercise in utter frustration. 

So what is this despised, pariah method of options trading that most trading “gurus” won’t touch with a 10-foot pole? It’s…
Trading Way Out Of The Money Options!
The allure of OTM options is understandable. Simply stated, it’s because they are…

Dirt Cheap!
For example, let’s say stock ABC is selling in January for $30. You might be able to buy a February OTM $33 call on ABC for a mere 30 cents! 

That would mean that the stock would have to move up 10% ($3 on a $30 stock) for you to merely break even!

So why are OTM options so cheap? Simple. It’s because the odds of OTM options making money for you are slim to none.

Or at least that’s the “conventional wisdom” from the so-called options trading experts.

But what if there were “certain ways” to sway the odds massively in your favor when trading out-of-the-money options?

What if there were specific “loopholes” in the options market you could exploit… to the tune of triple-digit (and higher) percentage gains you could consistently bank… virtually overnight?

How would your life change if you knew how to score those 107%, 203%, 568%, 951%... even occasional overnight cash windfalls of 2,200% and more (yes, that’s possible… I have proof)…
30% To 40% Of The Time? 
Well, if all this sounds like just a pipe dream, trust me… it’s not.

How can I say this with a straight face? It’s because I’ve banked millions of dollars in the past few years… largely trading out-of-the-money options.

And now I want to tell you how I did it... and how you can become massively successful trading OTM options priced less than 50 cents each.

Here’s the story…

Hi – my name is Jonathan Rose.

I’ve been a full-time trader since 1998, when I began my career on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange. I was one of the original pioneers of computer based trading, and I was a key player in providing liquidity to the young Globex market. After five years trading Nasdaq Futures, I was recruited to join a technology focused Fixed Income trading firm.

From 2003 to 2010, I was one of four Senior Partners at a proprietary trading firm in Chicago. I quickly advanced to the position of Director of Futures Trading, where I was responsible for all proprietary trading operations. I built and directly managed a large group of traders (15+) and was responsible for overseeing the performance of the trading floor (60+ traders). I trained more than 30 traders in all aspects of Fixed Income trading.

From 2010- 2013, I was an Equity Options Market Maker on the CBOE. I developed and managed my own portfolio, actively trading 100 plus stocks concurrently.

In 2014, I joined a private Family Office (Hedge Fund) in the suburbs of Chicago. I worked with the firm’s investment team designing and implementing a pair trading investment strategy that focuses on Closed End Funds.

But enough about me. Let’s move on to how you can potentially make serious money trading out-of-the-money options.

First of all, why am I such a fan of trading OTM options – the strategy that’s almost been ignored… in fact, almost forbidden by even some of the world’s top traders?

Well, the biggest reason is…
This Is How I Learned How To Trade Options In The First Place!
That’s right. While everyone else was studying how to trade options the easy, “safe” way… in other words, trading in-the-money or at-the-money options… I needed a bigger challenge than that.

So I went straight to the “Dark Side” – and discovered the art and science of trading OTM options so successfully that I made millions in the process.

Would you like to discover my secrets? If so, I have very good news for you today.

Swinging for the Fences
Generate Huge Returns Through Mispriced Options
Swinging for the Fences is my powerful new course – and it’s all about showing you how to generate HUGE returns through “mispriced” options trading less than 50 cents each.

In my 2-hour Swinging for the Fences course, I reveal real-world, hedge fund level option trading secrets that I guarantee you’ve never seen before. These secrets have made me a fortune, and they can do the same for you once you’re on the “inside.”

Specifically, you’ll discover…
  • How you can buy simple calls or puts and make a potential fortune.  (No need to learn complicated, virtually-impossible-to-master option trading strategies here. Simple calls or puts are all you’ll ever need)…
  • Rule #1 for successful OTM options trading.  What to look at first before you even begin to think about buying an OTM option. (It gives you a deadly accurate idea of how a stock will move within a given time frame, which is crucial for this trade)…
  • The only 3 “Greeks” you need to know about for high-powered OTM option trading, including the ONE that will make or break your trade.  (There are tons of “Greeks” you need to master with full-blown options trading, but NOT with this strategy)…
  • The “hidden in plain sight”, totally FREE online stock screener that…  once you input the filters I give you… will supply you with the exact list of the best stocks to use with my OTM option trading strategy. (This is my true “secret weapon” that saves me tons of time in finding the best plays)…
  • The best (also FREE) broker software I use to take my stock prospect list and narrow it down even further to pinpoint the one, two or three stocks that will put yourself in the absolute optimal risk / reward situation…
  • If needed, how to refine your selections even further using a certain style of technical analysis…
  • How to analyze implied volatility vs. historical volatility… and… exactly what to look for in that relationship to put the odds of success even further in your favor…
  • Scalping Gamma”… or how to make HUGE gains with a stock that moves just 3 points in any direction. (A powerful add-on strategy to escalate your massive returns even more. This is how the 1,204%+ short-term gains are made)…
  • 3 hedge fund level position management strategies (dead simple to implement) that will practically force you to win much more often than you lose. (And… truth be told… this is the one area where I see the biggest improvement in my clients’ trading)…
  • 2 more FREE online tools to use to find the best OTM option play stock potentials. Certain market conditions make finding the best plays difficult. But by creatively using these websites, you’ll discover “hidden” market plays you’ve never thought of. (HINT: You could have made a small fortune on Brazilian stocks and gold miners recently!)
  • Why you should never, ever pay the “offered” price for any option! (Here’s what to do instead)…
  • … and much, much more… including case studies of recent high-profit trades with full analysis of how I found them… tips and tricks from the hedge fund superstars… and other “insider” (but totally legal) information that can make you a fortune trading dirt cheap out-of-the-money options)…
Listen, one of the reasons I was so adamant about creating this course is because, quite frankly…
There Is Just Too Much Bogus Information Out There About
How To Successfully Trade Options!
And that goes DOUBLE for trading OTM options.

I honestly believe that most of the options trading material being shared on the internet right now is dangerously bad… and I don’t want you to get hurt from that false information.

So I’m on a mission to change all that… and I believe the way I teach options trading simplifies this complex market better than anyone else on the planet.

How can I feel confident making that bold statement?

It’s because of my background as a CBOE Market Maker, my 18 years in the business, and… oh yeah… my career earnings in excess of 10 million dollars.

And here’s one more thing that makes this product light years different than anything else on the market…

You see, I’m committed to helping you master this information to make a potential fortune in OTM options.

In fact…

I Will Stand By Your Side Until You Master (And Profit From) This Content… No Matter How Long It Takes! 
That’s how committed I am to your success.

So let’s cut to the chase, shall we? Here’s what you get with this unique Swinging
for the Fences offer… 

  • My Swinging for the Fences Course.
    Two hours of on-demand online training on how to find, trade and manage “mispriced” options trading less than 50 cents each. Invest just a little to go for potentially massive returns!
  • A 2-hour bonus session on professional position management.
    Perhaps the most important aspect of trading, position management will make or break you in becoming a successful options trader! Here’s my own professional take on how it’s done. 
  • And here’s the real game changer…
    Sign up today… right now… and I’ll include a LIFETIME invitation to a once-a-month LIVE options trading class!

    That’s right. Invest in my Swinging for the Fences product today and you can get unlimited access to my monthly options trading classes without paying anything else out of pocket… ever.
So I’m sure your next question might be: “OK, Jonathan – all this sounds great! So how much does everything cost?”

Well, to begin with…don’t think of this as a “cost” – think of it as a solid investment in your financial future.

And with my Swinging for the Fences course, I’m 100% positive that I CAN change your financial future for the better! Hey, maybe not to the tune of multi-millions of dollars, but you never know!

So here’s the deal…

My hedge fund buddies insist I charge at least $5,000 for this unique high-value intel. (Well, they actually don’t want me to release this information at all… but I don’t care).

But I’m changing how things are done, not only in the trading world, but even including the pricing on this course. You see, I want to create as many successful traders using my information as possible. That’s also part of my mission.

So… if you invest in my Swinging for the Fences program today, you can get in for the paltry, low investment of…

That’s right. That’s not a misprint. I didn’t leave off a zero at the end. Only $150 for information I personally used to bank millions of dollars over the past 18 years.
You'll receive access to this web-based video training immediately to your inbox
Hey – you don’t have to take my word on how enthusiastic I am about this course. Here are a few testimonials from some of my happy students…
PAUL: Doubled his account but best of all, he has time...time to do what he loves without staring at the market all day.
STEVEN: Completely different way of thinking….stay-at-home Dad, dreams of making enough trading so he can stay with his little boy…he’s on his way, he’s learning a ton…being challenged everyday.
How Would You Like To Discover Monster
Option Trade Setups Like These…
GDXJ – VanEck Vectors Junior Gold Miners ETF
Here’s the alert I sent out to my Premier Members…
The result? A 240% - 350% overnight gain for alert traders. A few of my students emailed me with thanks…

“Thanks Jonathan for the GDXJ call. Got in at 30c and out at 1.05.”
     --- Simon S.

“Hello Jonathan,
I was in the GDXJ trade. Today I was up 240%...
Have a Happy New Year.”
     --- Charlie
“I placed a put butterfly credit spread on GDXJ (500 to make 2000).”
     --- Marc A.

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